About Us

Irigaray is a company with extensive experience in solutions for the heavy transport market, acting in the transport market on five diversified fronts: Pulp and Paper - Civil Construction - Oil and Gas - Industry - Naval - Energy.

With a qualified and trained multidisciplinary team focused on solid corporate ideals and aware of their role in the socioeconomic development of the country, we create innovative and highly competitive solutions.

To carry out its projects, this team has a complete first-line fleet that includes cranes and cargo handling equipment and municipal and intercity transportation, which makes the execution of the service a predictable step that surpasses the expectations of the most demanding customers.

These satisfied customers are distributed across various business areas, most notably pulp and paper, civil construction, energy, oil and gas, steel, mining, heavy shipbuilding (oil rigs), port operations, pulp and industry.


Irigaray was founded in 1999 by Eduardo Santiago Irigaray for the purpose of leasing light vehicles and already in 2003 changed its composition with the arrival of partner João Henrique Santiago Irigaray, when two new companies were created, Auto Locadora Irigaray and Interbrasil Locadora. vehicles, both offering rental and cargo handling services in the southern region of the country.

In 2007, Interbrasil Comércio de Veiculos was created and in 2010, following the evolution of the cargo transportation market, it evolved into Interbrasil Cranes and Multimodal Transport, already operating at a higher level of business.

Continually evolving and always investing in training, culture and fleet, Irigaray currently has a large structure that meets all the demands of national construction.

Irigaray in its continuous development has been able to keep its promise in ensuring the satisfaction of the most demanding customers.


Provide solutions in cargo handling and special transport, surpassing market expectations, through safety, quality and efficiency, always in a sustainable way.


To be a reference as the best transport and cargo handling company at the national level.


The pillars of the Irigaray Group are:

  • Always act with Safety and respect for the Environment
  • Constantly Search for Quality
  • Exceeding Expectations with Efficiency
  • Employ the best of the world technology
  • Meeting the legal requirements
  • Development of communities where it operates