Equipment and Accessories

Reachstacker 45t

Forklifts up to 45 tonnes capacity are ideal equipment for port operations and container logistics centers. They operate with containers of 20 and 40 feet (6 and 12 meters), both longitudinal and transverse, and can stack up to 5 containers in height and 3 wide and with telescopic boom of 8.3 and 15 meters.

Tank truck

Fuel and lubrication support vehicle with capacity for 2000 liters of diesel, 4,000 liters in oil and grease drums and high power air compressor.

Guincho Traseiro

TELESCOPIC CRANE REAR WINCH TM is very useful in cargo handling work, especially in places with restricted height, such as industries, tunnels, viaducts and highways. Designed to withstand unmatched capabilities, the TM Rear Telescopic Cranes are constructed of very high tensile steel for high operating safety. It has a practical and ergonomic control system with a capacity of up to 26 tons.


Forklift trucks with capacity up to 16 tons have hydraulic drive through mini levers, full air suspension vinyl seat and dual wheel. Its start is with key and protection system, also featuring infinitely adjustable steering column, oil-bathed brake discs, blower fan and light kit (2 front headlights, 1 rear and two brake lights and reverse).

7 ton

Empilhadeira com capacidade para 7 ton, com altura de elevaçãode 5,40 metros, garfos padrão e garfos longos, totalizando peso da empilhadeira de 9,5 toneladas.

2,5 toneladas

Compactas e ágeis, as nossas EMPILHADEIRAS 2,5ton atendem a demanda de trabalho com versatilidade e grande produtividade.

Maintenance Truck

Vehicle-Workshop complete with all the necessary tools to support maintenance at the site of equipment operation.

Telescopic Handler

The TL943 is a highly versatile machine, designed to provide maximum performance with traditional reliability, durability and productivity, in the most severe working conditions.


FOR TRANSPORT IRIGARAY has a fleet of trucks and trailers to transport loads up to 300 tons, acting with logistics capacity for ground operations with the most varied types of special trailers for domestic and international highways. Included in the scope are Extensive Trailers, Boards, Recessed Boards, Axle Lines, among other equipment.

Industrial Removal Team

Highly qualified teams of industrial removals with quality, safety and agility.